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I am Ken Gordon, father to my friendly Labradobie dog, Max! And, oh yeah, I’m an engineer and automotive enthusiast. I have created this website as a place to share the resources that I have created in the engineering field. Feel free to contact me about any of it - learn, offer questions or comments, and share!   

More about Ken…

Ken Gordon was raised in Upstate New York, and in 2011, he moved to Boston Massachusetts for education and to pursue a career in engineering. He received two degrees, a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering minoring in Manufacturing, and a Master’s of Science in Technology Management. The two degrees help Ken critically think outside the box and execute a desired task. He likes to get his hands dirty in the automotive sphere but only as a hobby. He is always eager to learn through traditional education and hands-on experience that is why he always goes the extra mile in his job and takes technology and engineering classes online. 

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“Keep pushing the envelope, statistics will catch up”