Ken established KMMG AutoSports in 2008, after growing up with a passion for cars. Ken’s first memory is on his parent’s driveway under some type of fuel propelled vehicle. As soon as Ken started working his hobby grew and he started purchasing equipment and gaining customers. A 3,600 sqft shop was built with a highlighted piece of equipment, the chassis dynamometer. A few featured projects were: the best ¼ mile time in a 2010 V6 Camaro, 900+ horsepower vehicles, and supported Porsche SCCA. The concept behind the business was understanding customers wants, needs, and driving styles. The ideology was not the ¼ mile runs, or using drag radials on the street, but more of the 0-60 or 0-120 miles per hour (or more) thrill while on street tires as a daily driver. It needed to be a personalized catered automotive experience within a daily package. The shop was “closed” in 2014, because Ken was in school in Boston, and could no longer make as many trips to New York. Today, he stays in contact and supports past customers because he believes in maintaining loyal relationships.

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I wanted to go fast while getting there quick. . .

and I really was not sure how fast therefore, I think 

1,100 horsepower should get me there?