Biomedical Curing Oven



During my undergrad senior semester a biomedical company approached me and offered ideas for projects. The company needed an automated process which can bake and cure needles used for spine sciatica treatments. They gave me strict guidelines and the concept started.


Meeting Senior Design Project Criteria

The final senior design project must consist of two things, a tangible product and a written report outlining in detail: thought processes, mathematical proofs, design, and outcomes.



My idea was to use technology to "learn" how quickly the oven loses energy in specific environment, can be controlled/monitored remotely via app, and has different automatic stages of heat with a cooling phase. 


Build Phase

Was built from simple hand tools with the exception of a Miller Dynasty Tig welder. Material is 6061-T6 tube. Outside is 5052. Inside is 304-2B.


Still Going . . .

Took approximately 20 hours to complete including the electronics which were Omega electronics, iPhone, and Arduino.



Top graph is the relationship of oven temperature verses material placed in the oven (1 cubic inch of 6061). Success!